SG Alliance is committed to actively fighting social injustices in the pursuit of human rights. We believe these are at the core of our values and beliefs.

At the crux of our legal practices lies our pursuit for justice and fighting against unfair behavior and treatment.

We are constantly searching for further ways in which to fight and defend all Australians against any injustices they may face. Our attorneys represent people who have been affected by human injustices and require us to fight the corporations, individuals or bodies that inflicted those injustices.

If you think your human rights have been overlooked or neglected at any point in time then SG Alliance can help fight. This can be an extremely emotional and stressful time and at SG Alliance we aim to make the process as s

Stolen Generation

Our fight spreads across Australia throughout the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to fight the tremendous injustices they have faced as a culture.

We are fighting for fairness and equality. Although we know that money will never fully repair the damage and trauma experienced by the families affected by the stolen generation, we represent victims to build more awareness and support within the Aboriginal community.

At SG Alliance strive to close the gap in health, income, education and living standards between aboriginal and non-aboriginal Australians.