SG Alliance has a team of specialist lawyers dedicated to occupational and work related compensation. If you have been injured at work you may qualify to make a claim. Our Lawyers understand the process and how tricky it can sometimes become. Rest assured SG Alliance has got it covered.

When you are injured in the workplace and are unable to work we can begin our work immediately given any prospective loss of income. Our expert attorneys will fight to protect your rights, and fight to get you fair compensation.

Safe Work Australia is the advisory body aiming to develop national policies relating to OHS, as well as research and conduct analysis on workers compensation matters. Each state has its own governing body and subsequent acts or schemes that cover workers compensation. SG Alliance has extensive knowledge in all relating fields to represent you no matter the state or territory.

If you have been injured at work and are unable to continue work it is worth checking your options. Firstly, the incident needs to be reported to your employers immediately (you have up to 30 days to report the incident). Following this you will need a doctor’s certificate to verify the injury (often the employers have specified doctors).

It is at the start of the process that we can get involved. You will be protected by our team from start to finish. We are committed to getting you fair compensation to restore any damages and losses incurred during this process.  As well as develop appropriate back to work rehabilitation programs (in some cases).