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National Stolen Generations Alliance

We apologise for any inconvenience. If you need to contact someone at the National Stolen Generations Alliance, please either email or phone +61 3 8679 0777 or fax (marked to NSGA Attention) +61 3 8679 0799.

The National Stolen Generations Alliance acknowledges the traditional custodians of the land on which we share our lives, care for our families, communities and country to create the best possible future for all our children for the generations to come. We honour the Elders, especially Stolen Generations survivors who came before us. It is their strength and spirit that makes our work possible. It is in their memory we dedicate our efforts.


The National Stolen Generations Alliance (SGA) was formed with three basic principles as the foundations for its work - Truth, Justice and Healing. The NSGA believes that all Australians can respect these principles and many have committed themselves to honour these principles in some way already. Convincing our Federal Government that a national Apology should be given is one example


Saying Sorry to Stolen Generations survivors and their families has been widely acknowledged as one of our first steps as a nation towards healing our past and ensuring a better future for all Australians. The National Stolen Generations Alliance looks forward to taking the next steps with all Australians who wish to walk with us.


The NSGA believes that many of the needs and concerns of Stolen Generation survivors and their families still need to be addressed. All of these issues are covered by the principles of Truth, Justice, and Healing included in the 54 recommendations in the Bringing Them Home Report. There are still many stories and truths to be told, justice that needs to be delivered wholeheartedly by our nation, and healing of hearts and spirits.. These are our next steps as a nation and these principles guide our way.

We welcome all who want to learn more about these issues and the need for truth, justice and healing. If you would like to learn more about what is happening and get involved we encourage you to contact us. Help our nation to face its truths, heal its spirit and move forward with pride